Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kick Start of Day With A Rainy Morning

                     Snoozed the alarm, "5 minutes more mumma , plzz ". This is how my day starts. It's a day-to-day routine of myself. Usually I go to bed around 2 or 2:30 at night. so, obviously it would be my beyond doubt desire for a 5 minute extra nap. After waking up today , I heard a familiar rhythmic sound, " tip-tip, tip-tip " and I rushed to my little veranda, where I used to devote my dark and miserable moments and sometimes the happiest moments too. Well it's raining, its 6 of morning, cool and calm everywhere, the picturesque is eye soothing. As if all the sins and imperfections done the previous day are being washed away, and the planet is preparing itself for a new, immaculate fresh day.

                     So it's how my '2'day started. Eventually , I rushed for my mobile to check the notifications, messages and email. Then I dropped a pleasant Good Morning message in some of my dear one's inbox, oops they all are still sleeping. Well, you know, occasionally you should devote some time of your's to observe, to listen to the activities of nature, sometimes it motivates us, and most of the time it makes us happy and blissful. :)

                    I could hear the whistle of train, because the tracks are at a distance of a km or two from my home.It's very pleasant in this situation you know. :)

                   I was enjoying all this , then suddenly mumma jerked me. I was involved so much in the environment, that I was not aware of the time. It's going to be 7 in few minutes. Uhhhhh , again the same life with its usual and boring routine, each and every step you have to struggle, work for your rights, fight for your needs, lead yourself and others too and a lot more. Hope still these few moments of pleasant morning would have its essence throughout the day.

                                                     Rain, Rain, Rain, come again and again
                                                   In the winter, in the summer and in spring                                                                                Come with joy, fall with happiness and go with sorrow, 
                                                    Rain, Rain, Rain come again and again. 

                                                                                                     thanxx for the poem

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Into the World of Blogging

                 A Web Log or simply a blog is an excuse to set ourselves free with this incredible and gigantic world and its people. Technically, blog is a discussion or informational site published on the world wide web which consists of discrete entries a.k.a posts.
                I think ,its better than the social networking sites because its not messes up with unwanted stuffs. rather, its the place where you get a adorable presentation of what you want.

                Until 2009, blogs were usually the work of single subject. More recently "multi author blogs" (MABs) have developed, with entries by large numbers of authors and professionally edited.

                The most remarkable thing about bogging is you need not be a technical user ( having knowledge about HTML and FTP, required to publish content on web ), this is the point which prompted me to join this admirable world of Blogging. Phew, I am a blogger now. :)

                Previously I used to write and maintain my personal diary, most of whose contents were all about my dream girl, the girl I admired. But the moment I came to know that its impossible for her to have me in her life. I dropped the diary in the holy waters of ganga. The reason is , whenever I went through its pages, there used to be flush of teardrops . hahaha :p lol . So my passion for diary entry stopped dramatically there only .

              A few months ago, a friend cum brother came into my life. His name is Kajal Majhi.He is a simple, fun loving boy. He is addicted to technology, interested in cyber security world. He is the guy who inspired me a lot, even sometimes taught me how to handle practical situations in life. Yup , you guessed right, Kajal da introduced me into the world of blogging. His personal blog" my life and my words" inspired me a lot, to write again.Perhaps this is the sole reason why I still hope to get her back.  So i started this blog, this blog is all about me, my life, my dreams, my admiration, my experiences,  and everything. Thanks Kajal da. कहा जाता है , We should do our best to complete anything, whatever it may be, which we have started. So I am trying my best . :) 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Know ME, It won't hurt.

Hi, I am Kousik. My friends often pranks me as KSK as it sounds more profound. Well, I have a doubt, do I look a li'l bit serious by face. Whatever, I am an adventerous and yeah, a fun loving boy. I like to have twist and turns in my life ;) because without these things life will become too much monotonous to live . Is'nt it ???

Well let me introduce myself a li'l bit more. I was born on 24th august ,1995. Thanks to momma n paa, and yeah, my grandpa too, he was a doctor; did the operation :) .

I was born and brought up in Kolkata, a metropolitan city of India, my country ;)

Yeah, I am having a sibling, my li'l sis. She is presently in class I , KV Salboni, the school where most of my childhood days were spent . Yup, I cherish my childhood days :) Often I have heard my mum saying to my uncontrollable sis, "your bro was not this much mischievous in his childhood days." IS IT ?? Well i don't remember :p

I am addicted to technology, physics of the impossible, a lot of adventures, and I always search for truth, even if its bitter, a sort of investigator you may say :p . I like reading books, whatever be its content, but yup, I am text-book phobic . I love music, painting, musical intruments, just like the other bongs, and yeah, I am proud to be a bong. :) I like to hangout with people irrespective of status, gender and age. I like to dream and hope because these fuels me up to live my life. Because I think SUCCESS is just about achieving your childhood dreams, is'nt it ? Just like being an astronaut and experiencing the zero gravity . :)

Well now I am a 12th passed out student from Sri Chaitanya Educational Institution, Visakhapatnam ; waiting for my upcoming entrance exams for engineering colleges. Wish me luck :) already I have said, i like twist and turns in my life. I never feel hesitate to spare few teardrops for other's happieness. From the experiences of others , I have realised , always to be prepared for the worst, irrespective of the stability of present condition. Its always better to have a plan B with you, but be sure that it leads to your destiny.
RELATIONSHIP, boom.. I am enough experienced, better if I write in next post :p Well by writing a single post I can't portray myself much. To understand me, you have to peep inside me :) I always believe in enriching my present because this will only decide my future. Well, lot to write.... I will be waiting for your comments, my new friends.